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My name is Danny. I’ve been a teacher for 4 years. Now I work as a teacher in Aten English center. I really enjoy teaching pronunciation and communication. I want to spend my time and energy to help my students. I like the way they improve day by day. My favorite quote is “practice makes perfect”.


Hi all, I'm Hillary, a former student at Foreign Language Specializing High School in Hanoi. I used to major in Mathematics but Westlife and Hollywood movies have brought me the passion for English. After spending 7 years in the USA, I had extremely valuable lessons in improving the language I'm passionate about. Now as I came back to my homeland, I would love to inspire students from all parts of Vietnam to take up learning English as it can be super easy and a lot of fun!


It is better to taste the hardship of education than to taste the bitterness of ignorance", is my life motto since I stepped into the world of teaching. This particular line has been motivating me in my field of teaching and in learning life as a whole. Science, particularly Physics, and English have had a great impact in my life and I have been sharing my knowledge for almost a decade now. In my English classes, students would say that I am a clown in the class, there is truth in there and yet I still look to it that students will learn valuable information at the end of the day not just some of my silly jokes. Aside from the hectic life of teaching, I am fond of playing my guitars, and doing some local gigs at the Old Quarter and in Hanoi Rock City at the weekends to stay low and unwind. Basketball is also in my things to do list, on a weekly basis. Gives me time to sweat out stress and a healthy way to build up a competent body of a teacher, I guess. What else? Hmmmm, I could tell you more when I meet you in my classes. ^^


Hi! My name is Felix, I am 33 years old and I was born in California but grew up in Hamburg, Germany! I am Living since almost 5 years in Hanoi and started to work for Aten in August 2013. My hobbies are traveling, sports, music and reading books! I love Vietnam, its culture, history, food and lifestyle! I like to teach English because it gives me the opportunity to work and interact with young people and share knowledge, ideas and experiences. Greetz


What is the best thing about life? Language. There is nothing more satisfying than speaking with someone as far as halfway across the world in their language. The strange, foreign sounds that you make to bring joy, happiness, affection and love to a stranger; the whole new world that you can discover by opening up your mind and soul. Language can bring miracles. But it only matters when you can use it the right way. I am Namie and I believe that you can do anything you can by with time, effort and a right approach. I believe the only way that you can do something is to love it. That’s why I want to make you fall in love with English. Love it, cherish it, embrace it, and it will love you back. English can be your best friend in many paths that you will take in your life. And you’ll never have a friend like that


Hi, my name’s Vicky and I'm an English teacher. My students often remember my name because they feel enthusiastic when studying with Vicky! In my class, I’m not just their teacher, I am also their friend, who is very patient and takes pride in my work. I appreciate my students’ questions but I also try to help them find the answers on their own. For me, a great teacher is the one who gives their students the wisdom to discover his/her own answers and knowledge. When my students believe in themselves and learn the language with sheer joy, as their teacher, it also makes me feel proud and appreciated.

I strongly believe that you would find a better learning method to improve your pronunciation and reaction. Let’s enjoy English with ATEN.


Hi, I’m Heidi from Ho Chi Minh. To me, teaching is not only guiding but also the art of changing the mind. Therefore, I took a lot of courses of teaching and even learning English to find out the best way to teach English, to help students.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get." This is the quotation I often say to my students. I always tell them when they do anything, they should try their best, especially in English. Loving English or even being crazy about English. Then you reap what you sow – English loves you. You definitely know what you can get if you are good at English. I firmly believe you can do it. I am always with you to cross language barrier. See you at Aten.


Hi, my name is Julie. I was born in Ha Tinh – one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. When I was a child, I didn’t learn English. I mean, English was just a subject in school to me at that time. I was passionate about Physical, not English.

Unfortunately, without a doubt, English has always played an important role in the 21st century. So, the first thing I wanted to do when I came to Sai gon was learning English. I bought a lot of English books such as vocabulary books, Toeic books, business English books, etc. and I also spent a lot of time for English. And you know what? After 3 years studying hard, I got nothing. It was all waste of effort. I still couldn’t speak English. I was still unconfident when using my English. I wanted to give up some time.

Luckily, as the saying goes, “you will always get what you want”, I met my teacher in March 2012. He taught me just one thing: American accent (intonation, liaisons and pronunciation). This method was so amazing. In October 2013, I started to work for Aten. Can you believe that? Now I am working as an English teacher who teaches other Vietnamese people speaking English. Now I love my job… and now I believe in what I do.>


My name is Andy. I'm 32 years old. I have 5 years of experience teaching students of all ages. I'm working in Vietnam since 2 years. I believe that a positive and fun atmosphere is important. Students are called upon to discuss questions, but mistakes are treated as opportunities to explore misconceptions, not as a reflection of a student's abilities.

Active learning is essential in the classroom. If a class consists of straight lecture, I believe students will get bored. It is important that a student has a desire to attend class. The more engaged a student is in the classroom, the more they will be able to relate the activity to the material being covered. Some of the ways I incorporate in my teaching include: activities, discussions and games . Let’s come and study English with me!

  • Barry McCarthy worked in the Retail Industry in Australia from 1971 through to 2013
  • He commenced as a Junior Sales Assistant working his way up to Retail and or Aread Manager for some of Australia's leading corporate retailersForm 2002 until 2013 he was the Aust/N.Z National Loss Prevention Coordinator for Australia's Electrical Retailer 'The Good Guys' conducting loss prevention/security & OS&S training for companies 3500 staff
  • In February 2013 he obtained his 'Diploma of Security and Rish Management' - Australia
  • June 2009 Brray obtained his Australian TESOL Certification with facilitator A.T.A
  • December 2013 Barry moved to Vietnam and resides with family in HCMC
  • Founding partner for 'Business English Training Australia'
  • January 2014 Barry completed a TESOL refresher course at A.T.A H.C.M.C
  • Business Development Advisor for local Vietnamese Restaurants which includes signing off on English Documents, Menus, placement of services, store signage, Soft Skills/customer service
  • February 2014 until present Barry also conducts private English lessons
  • September 2014 to present teaching Pronunciation & Communication Classes at ATEN and EKO Language Cent's in Saigon

"Hi, my name is Annie from HCMC. I´m a teacher at Aten Center and my journey to teach English here is very simple: from the passion of sharing. I love to share all I know about English with anyone that has Love-Patience & Effort to learn this lovely language. Nice to feel that you are reading some lines of mine here.^^ My story about starting learning English is quite simple, too. I'm a big fan of US-UK movies and songs. I enjoy to emerge myself in English love songs and always wish to understand easily all English-speaking films without subtitles. That's what firstly took me closer to English. But only Love is not enough to make English flow in my blood like now. I also wanted to communicate naturally with native speakers, even make jokes with them easily without any cultural or language barrier. On that purpose, I found all the ways to learn and improve my English. But guess what? I was still the same, speaking without pretty intonation, liaison, endings or stress, listening with not much understanding. Nothing changed untill the day I met my dear Teacher who lightened up my head about the right method of learning. 'Pronunciation first' was what he told me that time. And then the story goes...

You know the happy ending of that story. Because now, after 2 years of learning English with correct method and 2 years of practicing in English working environment, you see me as a Teacher here.

Cant wait to see and share English pronunciation tips at Aten!


“Hi all, I am Fiona. I come from Vung Tau city, but now I live and work in Ho Chi Minh city. For me, it's a great opportunity to be a teacher of Aten, a colleague of devoted predecessors like Vicky, Celine, Heidi, Rachel, etc. I used to be very bad at English; especially Speaking and Listening, which made me lose all motivation to learn English. I realized that Language is a means of communication, it helps us achieve the ultimate goals. If we can't use language, we won't reach the goal. After high school, I set my goal clearly, focused on improving 2 critical skills, which has changed my life (ofcourse in a positive way *blink*). For that reason, I understand better than anyone else that "Noone was born to be perfect, we were born just to be real". However, are you ready to change YOURSELF and make a better YOU? Come and tell me what your difficulties in learning English are, I will help you with 200% capacity of mine. With ATEN, nothing is impossible.”

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