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1. Từ vựng Speaking IELTS topic Meeting places

  • Odd (adj.) – strange or unexpected.
  • To cut someone out – to not allow someone to participate in something or share something with them.
  • Middleman (noun) – someone who mediates or arranges interactions between two parties who are unable or unwilling to meet in person or conduct business directly.
  • Amusement park (noun) – a place where people can go to enjoy games, rides, and other activities.
  • Numerous (adj.) – many.
  • Genuinely (adv)- really and sincerely.
  • Familiar (adj.) – easy to recognize because of being seen, met, heard before.
  • Play park (noun) – a public area designed for children to play in, usually outside and with special equipment.
  • Somber (adj.) – dark or dull in color or tone; gloomy.
  • Sedate (adj.) – avoiding a lot of excitement and being generally calm and tranquil
  • Bizarre (adj.) – very strange and unusual.
  • Colony (noun) – a country or area controlled politically by a more powerful country that is often far away.
  • Buddy (noun) – a friend.
Từ vựng Speaking IELTS topic Meeting places

2. Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS topic Meeting places

Q1. Where do you usually meet your friends?

Answer 1- At their houses? On odd occasions, we’ll go out to eat, visit a café, or go to a bar. But with the way things are these days, going out can be rather pricey. So it’s simpler to cut out the middleman and spend quality time with one another in a comfortable setting.

Answer 2- Definitely in my living room. I have a big, comfortable couch with lots of pillows. We can feel free to get as comfy as we can while choosing from a range of drinks.

Answer 3- Well, my favorite place to meet up with my friends is a cafe close to our college. This cafe has been our go-to location ever since we first became friends there during our time in college, where we spent a lot of time and made wonderful memories. Whenever we want to get together, we just head there and have a great time.

Q2. Do you think there are some places more suitable for meeting with others?

Answer 1- Yeah, in a volcano, wouldn’t you never meet anyone? You would? However, it will rely on the goal of the meeting on a more serious note. And, well, the company’s nature, I suppose. In a busy mall, for instance, you wouldn’t run into a friend you hadn’t seen in a while. There would be a communication barrier between you. Unless, of course, that was the intention.

Answer 2- In my city, there have been numerous new cafes or restaurants opened in every neighborhood. This is because more people are drawn to and develop these kinds of settings for frequent gatherings.

Answer 3- I believe that location is the most important factor to consider when people meet. When people meet someone casually, they can hang out at a cafe or a launch, and when I meet someone for work, I prefer professional settings like a good restaurant or a quiet cafe where I can converse professionally. This effects the person I meet as well.

Q3. Why are some places better than others?

Answer 1- Meeting people is probably for listening purposes or so you may hear what they have to say. So, in a noisy situation, it’s not exactly ideal—or the acoustics aren’t ideal—to hear people and what they have to say. Therefore, a quieter area might be preferred. On the other hand, you can have friends who genuinely like the rush of the moment. A location like an amusement park would be the ideal place to meet as it is the main reason you are traveling there.

Answer 2- Since I occasionally find it difficult to connect with certain locations, I like to meet people there since it offers me access to a large number of good spouses and because I am already familiar with the location, making it beneficial for me. I feel at ease around the person I just met.

Answer 3- If you don’t need to travel very far for a brief vehicle chat, I believe that the atmosphere in the surroundings is important in any type of venue for having a pleasant talk with someone close.

Q4. Are there any differences between your favourite places now, and in your childhood?

Answer 1- For instance, I’m not as likely to run into pals at a play park. Even though I work with children, it might not always be the case. Therefore, I believe they are probably more somber, sedate, and mature. As contrast to when I was younger, when it would have been more bizarre stuff, like, I dunno, you’d run into folks when you went walking about in the street, for instance.

Answer 2- Yes, if I talk about how my meeting spot has changed, there have been many changes there. For example, when I was a child, my friends and I would often meet at a small shop near our colony, but now that shop has grown into a large supermarket. We are no longer able to hang out there, therefore we must find other places to spend our time.

Answer 3- My buddies and I used to hang out in my childhood apartment or a local park, but now we hang out at my favorite restaurant, the train.

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Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS topic Meeting places

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