Describe a café you like to visit IELTS Speaking Part 2 và 3

Dưới đây là các câu hỏi và trả lời mẫu cho Part 2 và 3 Topic Describe a café you like to visit IELTS Speaking. Hãy cùng Aten English tham khảo và gặt hái band điểm cao ngay nhé!

1. Describe a café you like to visit IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a café you like to visit. You should say:

  • Where it is
  • What kinds of food and drinks it serves
  • What you often do there

And explain why you often go there.

Bài mẫu 1:

I’m going to speak about a coffee shop I frequently visit when I have some free time. It’s a Highlands Coffee, a medium-sized coffee shop close to my institution.
The Highlands I visit are very interesting. In Ho Chi Minh City, it’s one of the few coffee shops with both interior and outdoor spaces (I think). Although the café’s outdoor space is spacious and light, it can get very hot, particularly in the summer. Given that the room is air-conditioned, I believe people prefer to remain inside because it is quite ornate inside with all the yellow lights and decorations.
Highlands Coffee provides coffee, as the name would imply (laugh), but it also offers tea and other delectable beverages. Its Golden Lotus Tea is my favorite because the flavor is to swoon for! Additionally, they offer banh m, which is much superior to the bánh m served on the street and is very inexpensive.
I spent a good deal of my college years in that café. I frequently place an order for some lotus tea, choose a seat in the back, put on my headphones, and begin studying. On rainy days, nothing surpasses staying inside a coffee-scented room!
Bài mẫu 2:
Today, I’d like to discuss GoodCoffee, a quaint and welcoming coffee store close to my home. It’s difficult to locate because it’s tucked away in a tiny passageway. Customers typically request flat whites and cold brew beverages, which are uncommon at most Hanoi coffee shops.
Of course, I always order a flat white, and that is the primary reason I visit this café. Although it isn’t as tasty or sweet as typical Vietnamese coffee, it doesn’t make you sleepy. My favorite. However, I almost always carry my laptop with me so that I can grade my students’ essays in addition to enjoying the coffee there. The environment is quiet and warm, which helps me focus on my job and makes me feel at ease.

All in all, it’s my favorite coffee shop in Hanoi, so if you have time, stop by and have a few beverages. They’re fairly priced, and I have no complaints about the taste.

Describe a café you like to visit IELTS Speaking Part 2

Bài mẫu 3:

This is undoubtedly the best opportunity I’ve had to speak about my preferred café. De Tam, a fairly well-known coffee establishment in Hanoi, would have to be the answer.
As soon as I arrived, I had already fallen in love with this location. Its headquarters are in a house close to Hanoi’s historic district. The villa’s classic style has been slightly altered, so we can immediately sense a contemporary touch. However, the color scheme, interior design, and general surroundings still give off a vintage vibe. It is still possible for you to enjoy its exceptional splendor whether you sit inside or outside.
Like any other cafe, De Tam primarily offers tea, coffee, as well as various baked products and desserts, but what sets it apart from the competition is how fresh each item is when it is served to customers. I always get an aloe vera coconut water and a tiny piece of banana bread whenever I come here because I find it to be somewhat hydrating and healthy.
Upbeat music is not typically played in coffee shops like De Tam. Instead, at a level that is manageable, it plays a well-known playlist of instrumental music or well-known classic songs.

Because the cafe respects each patron’s privacy, it’s fantastic to meet up with friends or take care of some personal business here. Every month, my friends and I visit De Tam to learn, work, or just have a casual conversation. When we don’t feel like working or talking, we’ll occasionally choose a nice spot and snap pictures of each other. The scenery and sunlight are quite attractive, so our pictures always turn out beautifully.

Overall, De Tam seems to me to be a place where beauty meets serenity and delicateness. I always appreciate the welcoming attitude of the employees here, in addition to its mouthwatering menu, exceptional appearance, and excellent music. I simply cannot imagine having a greater time while I’m at De Tam.

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2. Describe a café you like to visit IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. What kind of people would like to go to a café?

Trả lời- I believe all types of individuals frequent cafés. It’s not just about the cuisine and drink; it’s also about being a place where people can congregate and enjoy themselves. Children are obviously not their target market because parents do not want their children to ingest caffeine.

2. Why do young people like studying in a café instead of at home?

Trả lời- In Vietnam, at least, most young people don’t precisely have a study. It’s not the best plan to do a ton of homework in your living room or bedroom because there are so many distractions. They can focus on their academics and complete tasks in cafes.

3. Do old people like to drink coffee?

Trả lời- In my opinion, no. The elderly frequently struggle to fall asleep, and obviously, coffee doesn’t assist. I suppose the majority favor tea.

4. Do Vietnamese people like to drink coffee?

Trả lời- Actually, we are huge caffeine fans. While the majority of Vietnamese consume coffee about three times per week, coffee enthusiasts can have anywhere from two to three cups per day. It keeps us alert while we work at night and serves as a fantastic justification for social gatherings.

Describe a café you like to visit IELTS Speaking Part 3
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