Do you like sports IELTS Speaking Part 1 và 2

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1. Do you like sports IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Do you like sports?

Answer 1- Given their numerous health advantages, swimming and tennis continue to be two of my favorite activities. To be honest, I only swim at the beach, and since I returned to Vietnam in the beginning of 2018, I have never once met a tennis partner I enjoy playing with.

Answer 2- Yes, I love athletics so much. I go to the gym every day, and my personal trainer helps me work toward my health objective. I also renew my energy and refresh my thoughts by participating in gym activities like cycling or running.

2. Do you often watch sports on TV?

Answer 1- Being completely honest, I don’t really enjoy viewing sports because I find them to be rather dull. Additionally, because I’m always busy with work and school, I use my free time to explore other interests like shopping or listening to American music.

Answer 2- Observing athletics is a lot of fun. In reality, I have a home subscription to a number of sports television channels, including CNBC and Zee Sports. Additionally, I have a great appreciation for cricket because it has produced many players of the highest caliber, including Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar.

3. What sports are the most popular in your country?

Answer 1- Football has been the most popular sport in Vietnam for many years, loved by all people regardless of age or gender, as every Vietnamese person would agree. In any part of my nation, including on the streets or in an alleyway, you might catch a glimpse of football being played.

Answer 2- Football is the most popular sport in my nation and is known as “The King of Sports” because of this. On a football field, two teams will defend, attempt to gain control of the ball, pass it to teammates, and try to score a goal. Injuries and arrests are also things they strive to avoid. Football is more popular than all other games because of the lively atmosphere it creates.

4. Do you think it is important to play a sport?

Yes, of course, I wholeheartedly agree with the general consensus that playing sports, working out, and engaging in other physical pursuits should be a regular part of our lives. They rank among the most important contributors to good health. As a result, continuing the habit of exercising and participating in sports on a daily basis ultimately results in success in everything.

Do you like sports IELTS Speaking Part 1

5. What sports would you like to try in the future?

I really don’t feel like starting a new sport or physical exercise right now because I enjoy biking, walking, and push-ups so much. They not only help me stay in shape constantly, but they are also enjoyable and energizing.

6. Do you prefer watching or playing sports?

Answer 1- Even on television, I hardly ever watch sports, and I don’t perform them anymore. However, I would contend that participating in a sport gives us the most realistic experience with it and ensures that we have a fit body, making it a better decision overall than simply watching it.
Answer 2- Without a doubt, I would rather participate in some sport activities than remain in a disgusting location and observe others having fun. First and foremost, participating in athletics keeps us active and healthy. Second, it increases people’s desire to compete and succeed. Last but not least, I think that sports also teach us about self-control to perform fairly and how to work with others to dominate a competition.

7. Are boys and girls interested in the same sports?

Obviously there are outstanding differences in the sports activities that both genders are keen on participating in. For boys, they are into some strenuous sports like volleyball, badminton to build up their strength and muscle. However, girls are big fans of some relaxing activities like yoga or ballet to get into shape and stay healthy.

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2. Do you like sports IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a sport that you enjoy watching or playing

You should say:

  • what kind of sport it is
  • who you play/ watch it with
  • where you play/ watch it
and explain why you enjoy playing/ watching it.
Bài mẫu:
Speaking of an activity I like, swimming is undoubtedly the one that deserves to be mentioned.
My mother enrolled me in a swimming class at a sports facility when I was a senior in high school ten years ago, which really infuriated me because I wasn’t all that interested in swimming at the time.
I promised myself, though, that I would attempt it in order to please my mother. Then it was told to me why swimming was important and how it would one day save my life. Since I was riding a sinking boat, it actually saved me twice, I have to admit that my mother was correct. I can now state with certainty that I am an accomplished swimmer, and I visit the pool twice a week because I enjoy the sensation of quickly gliding through the water.
Swimming is a talent that actually requires little investment, but the most crucial thing to remember is that it takes courage and frequent practice to become proficient.

Many people may find it difficult at first because they might be anxious about entering a larger body of water, but once they get over their anxiety, they won’t be in danger anywhere there is water. As I previously stated, this kind of skill requires only the minimal amount of equipment necessary to safeguard your eyes and ears, such as goggles or earbuds. Perhaps some individuals require aids, but they must put them aside in order to swim properly.

Personally, I believe this is a useful talent to learn because it can both save your life and the lives of others. Additionally, it is a fun activity that is good for our cardiovascular system and helps us stay fit. In all honesty, if things go well, this might end up being my second employment.
Do you like sports IELTS Speaking Part 2
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