Evening time Speaking Part 1 bài mẫu hay nhất năm 2023

Chào mừng các bạn đến với bài viết hôm nay, bạn hãy cùng Aten English khám phá một chủ đề thú vị- Evening time Speaking Part 1 bài mẫu cùng vốn từ vựng quý giá giúp bạn nâng cao band điểm của mình nhé!

Từ vựng chủ đề Evening time Speaking Part 1

Dưới đây là một danh sách 50 từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề Evening time Speaking Part 1 bài mẫu mà bạn có thể sử dụng:

  1. Twilight – Hoàng hôn
  2. Dusk – Chạng vạng tối
  3. Sunset – Hoàng hôn mặt trời lặn
  4. Moonlit – Ánh sáng trăng
  5. Starry – Đầy sao
  6. Serene – Bình yên
  7. Tranquil – Thanh bình
  8. Nightfall – Bắt đầu đêm
  9. Sundown – Lặn mặt trời
  10. Nocturnal – Về đêm, hoạt động vào ban đêm
  11. Cosy – Ấm cúng
  12. Candlelit – Nến vàng
  13. Firelit – Đèn lửa
  14. Stargazing – Ngắm sao
  15. Moonrise – Mặt trăng mọc
  16. Evening breeze – Gió buổi tối
  17. Luminous – Rực rỡ
  18. Sundown – Bắt đầu hoàng hôn
  19. Chilly – Lạnh lẽo
  20. Crisp – Sảng khoái
  21. Soothing – Dễ chịu
  22. Nightlife – Hoạt động về đêm
  23. Chill – Lạnh lẽo
  24. Tranquility – Sự yên bình
  25. Skyline – Đường viền bầu trời
  26. Evening stroll – Dạo chơi buổi tối
  27. Twilight zone – Khu vực hoàng hôn
  28. Dappled – Đèn và bóng
  29. Silhouette – Bóng đen
  30. Glittering – Lấp lánh
  31. Nighttime rituals – Nghi lễ vào buổi tối
  32. Horizon – Chân trời
  33. Cozy – Âu cảm
  34. Crescent moon – Mặt trăng một cạnh
  35. Streetlights – Đèn đường
  36. Ethereal – Tinh khôi
  37. Reflection – Sự phản chiếu
  38. Foggy – Mờ
  39. Glow – Ánh sáng nhẹ
  40. Evening sky – Bầu trời buổi tối
  41. Harmony – Sự hòa mình
  42. Melancholic – Melankholi
  43. Retreat – Nơi nghỉ ngơi
  44. Drowsy – Buồn ngủ
  45. Cocktail hour – Giờ uống cocktail
  46. Murmuring – Rì rào
  47. Night owl – Người thức trắng đêm
  48. Solitude – Sự cô đơn
  49. Charming – Quyến rũ
  50. Constellation – Chòm sao
Từ vựng chủ đề Evening time Speaking Part 1

Tham khảo: Câu tường thuật trong IELTS Speaking- Định nghĩa và cách sử dụng

Chủ đề Evening time Speaking Part 1 bài mẫu

  • What do you often do in the evenings?

Trả lời 1- All sorts of things. My attention span is longer at night, therefore it’s the ideal time of day to efficiently cross tasks off my to-do list. Furthermore, I find it quite helpful for unwinding. I often spend the evenings watching reality TV with my pals.

Trả lời 2- I enjoy doing yoga, cooking, watching dramas, and walking as ways to decompress in the evening. Speaking with friends also gives me insight into all that they have been up to. I find that doing these activities relieves stress and allows me to think on who I am.

  • Do you do the same thing every evening?

Trả lời 1- No, I don’t spend my evenings doing the same things over and over again because I get bored easily. We don’t play the same game when I play with my infant in the evenings. We frequently adjust our plans, and occasionally we go to the park to engage in physical activities like playing football and badminton alternately. Other times, we play video games on our phones.

Trả lời 2- Sure, most of the time. My daily schedule entails leaving for work at 2:00 PM, returning at that time, and watching something ordered. I enjoy cooking new recipes and doing the same thing, which is chatting to my family and friends. Since I don’t have many friends, I usually end up doing the same thing.

  • Do you prefer to spend your evenings with family or friends?

Trả lời 1- Yes, I occasionally spend the evenings with my family and friends. Usually, this happens during parties that my friends host, during which I spend time with them. I cook for my family, listen to them, and follow their recommendations for the remainder of my time with them.

Trả lời 2- In light of the circumstances, I like to take action; if it’s my friend’s party, I would adore spending time with her. I am experimenting with new activities like attending to parties, traveling to new locations, and shopping—all of which I wish I could do with my pals. As part of my everyday routine, I would also like to spend time with my family since I think they are essential and that spending time with them would help them accomplish their tasks.

Chủ đề Evening time Speaking Part 1 bài mẫu
  • Do you ever work or study in the evenings?

Trả lời 1- As I get ready for the IELTS, I practice both. I stay up late studying in order to ace the IELTS exam. My employment also includes taking care of my family’s needs, such as cooking.

Trả lời 2- Yes, I study in the evenings before new tests. If I want to read, I just start reading since it seems like a pastime, and this practice helps me study at night because I believe that I can focus better in the evenings. I don’t work in the evenings, but if something comes up, I will try to find out, but it doesn’t work out since I believe that my friends and family should be closer.

  • What is a popular activity for young people in your country in the evenings?

Trả lời 1- Young people nowadays prefer going to bars and clubs in the evenings, and they usually get together with their friends to make the most of that special day. Another pastime of young people is going to the movies, which they usually do once a week or once a month.

Trả lời 2- The well-liked pastime among youth In my nation, there are many sports accessible, including football, basketball, cricket, and other games. I ride a bicycle. The younger generation may also try out the bowling game that is offered at the mall as a way to socialize with friends and meet new people.

  • Do you do the same thing in the evenings as you did when you were a child?

Trả lời 1- My decisions have now evolved. I used to play a lot and watch a lot of television, but I no longer play. Rather, I study plays or books to expand my knowledge, and occasionally I spend most of my time with my elderly parents.

Trả lời 2- No, but when I was younger, it was usually worse to just eat, study, and sleep without any stress. However, now that I’m an adult, I have to think about the future, which means that I have to take on more responsibilities and live my life as I see fit, including spending time with my friends.

Không chỉ cần chăm chỉ luyện thi IELTS Speaking, bạn hãy tham khảo chủ đề Evening time Speaking Part 1 bài mẫu hay nhất để cải thiện band điểm nhé.


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