Từ vựng Animal tiếng Anh (động vật Vocabulary) hay

Thế giới động vật đa dạng được chia thành nhiều nhóm nhỏ: chim, động vật có vú, lưỡng cư, bò sát, cá, côn trùng, động vật thân mềm, động vật chân đốt, v.v. Aten English gửi tặng các bạn chọn độ từ vựng animal tiếng Anh về động vật thường được sử dụng trong các tình huống hội thoại. 

1. Từ vựng animal – Các động vật hoang dã

Dưới đây tổng hợp các từ vựng animal: danh từ, động từ, tính từ và cụm từ thông dụng khi nói và viết về động vật bằng tiếng Anh.

Zebra: dịch ngựa vằn 

Vd: When the lion roars, the zebras tremble. 

Lioness: dịch sư tử cái 

Vd: The lioness loped across the grass.

Lion dịch sư tử đực

Vd: The lion is a member of the cat family. 

Từ vựng animal

Hyena dịch linh cẩu

Vd: Vd: The striped hyena is scattered over the country sparsely. 

Gnu dịch linh dương đầu bò 

Vd: Found in Southern and Eastern Africa, the gnu is a really unique animal that looks like a combination of many other. 

Baboon dịch khỉ đầu chó

Vd: Baboons eat a variety of plants and animals, including grass and grass seeds, fruit, pods, roots, and tubers that they dig out of the ground. 

Rhinoceros dịch tê giác

Vd: The rhinoceros is a large mammal native to Africa and Asia.

Cheetah dịch báo Gê-pa

Vd: The fastest land animal in the world, a cheetah can reach 112km/h in just three seconds – that’s faster than a sports car accelerates! 

Elephant dịch voi

Vd: Measures must be taken to protect the world’s depleted elephant population.

2. Các loài chim – Từ vựng tiếng Anh về con vật cho bé

Các từ vựng animal về các loài chim: 

Owl dịch cú mèo

Vd: The owl is a predatory bird which kills its prey with its claws. 

Eagle dịch đại bàng 

Vd: Above the mountain, eagles circled in soundless flight. 

Woodpecker dịch gõ kiến

Vd: There are around 200 species of woodpecker inhabiting the forests and woodlands worldwide. 

Peacock dịch công

Vd: Few animals are as distinct as the peafowl, also known as the peacock. 

Từ vựng tiếng Anh về con vật cho bé

Sparrow dịch chim sẻ 

Vd: Sparrows are adorable little songbirds. 

Heron dịch diệc

Vd: The herons are long-legged freshwater and coastal birds.

Swan dịch thiên nga 

Vd: We watched the swans glide by. 

Falcon dịch chim ưng

Vd: Falcons are medium sized birds of prey found all across the world although they tend to prefer the more temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Ostrich dịch đà điểu 

Vd: The ostrich is the fastest animal on two legs. 

Talon dịch móng vuốt 

Vd: Birds have one talon on every toe, and they may differ in overall shape. 

Feather dịch lông vũ 

Vd: The bird has gray feathers with a lighter collar. 

Nest dịch tổ 

Vd: Cuckoos are famous for laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. 

3. Các con vật ở dưới nước – Từ vựng về animals IELTS

Seagull dịch mòng biển

Vd: Seagulls learn, remember and pass on behaviors, such as stamping their feet in a group to imitate rainfall and trick earthworms to come to the surface. 

Octopus dịch bạch tuộc

Vd: Octopuses are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. 

Lobster dịch tôm hùm

Vd: The lobster is a large crustacean and like the crab is similar to shrimp and prawns. 

Shellfish dịch sò ốc 

Vd: Despite the name, shellfish are not actually fish, but are simply water-dwelling animals.

Jellyfish dịch sứa

Vd: Although jellyfish have been around for over 650 million years, they’re stil very mysterious. 

Killer whale dịch cá voi sát thủ

Vd: Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of the dolphins and one of the world’s most powerful predators. 

Squid dịch mực ống

Vd: The squid is definitely a common source of food for many other creatures living in the water. 

Fish dịch cá

Vd: Several large fish live in the pond. 

Seal dịch hải cẩu

Vd: The common seal tends to be found in colder waters in many places around the world. 

Fin dịch vảy cá

Vd: Fins can also generate thrust if they are rotated in air or water.

Coral dịch san hô

Vd: It may shock you to know that the hole-filled rock-like substance, known as coral, is actually an animal and a vital part of the marine world. 

4. Các loài thú – Từ vựng về zoo

Moose dịch nai sừng tấm

Vd: Only male moose (bulls) have antlers. 

Boar dịch lợn hoang (đực)

Vd: Humans have been hunting boar for millennia.

Chipmunk dịch sóc chuột

Vd: Lively and speedy critters, chipmunks are small members of the squirrel family. 

Lynx (bobcat) dịch mèo rừng Mỹ

Vd: The Canada lynx may look like a slightly larger version of your housecat, but make no mistake — these boreal predators are ferocious! 

Polar bear dịch gấu Bắc Cực

Vd: Since 1972 WWF has worked hard to fight the challenges that polar bears are facing and secure them a safer future. 

Buffalo dịch trâu nước

Vd: The buffalo herd is led by a wise matriarch who chooses grazing areas and napping sites. 

Beaver dịch hải ly

Vd: The social, industrious beaver is a lovely, fascinating animal. 

Porcupine dịch nhím

Vd: The North American porcupine is one of the world’s most recognizable animals because of it’s body full of prickly spines. 

Skunk dịch chồn hôi

Vd: The oily liquid that skunks produce is used as a powerful predator-deterrent which causes no real damage to its victims. 

Koala bear dịch gấu túi

Vd: Surely koalas are one of Australia’s most famous animals. 

5. Các loài côn trùng

Caterpillar dịch sâu bướm

Vd: The caterpillar is the larvae (the baby) of both a butterfly and a moth. 

Butterfly dịch bướm

Vd: The butterfly is one of the most emblematic totem animals symbolizing personal transformation. 

Praying mantis dịch ngựa

Vd: There are approximately 1,800 species of praying mantis in the world Tarantulas are hairy spiders. 

Parasites dịch Ký sinh trùng

Vd: Parasites of animals are highly specialized, and reproduce at a faster rate than their hosts. 

Ladybug dịch Bọ rùa 

Vd: A few ladybugs prey not on plant-eaters but on plants. 

Fly dịch ruồi

Vd: The fly is one of the most common and well-known insects in the world. 

Các loài côn trùng

Mosquito dịch Muỗi

Vd: Yes, mosquitoes bite animals; although different types of mosquitoes tend to prefer different animals, and these feeding patterns depend on many other factors. 

Dragonfly dịch chuồn chuồn

Vd: Dragonflies are insects that have long bodies, transparent wings, and large eyes. 

Cockroach dịch gián

Vd: Few animals have a worse reputation than the humble cockroach, but almost everything we think we know about them is an urban myth. 

Grasshopper dịch châu chấu

Vd: The grasshopper is among those few animals who are completely confident at jumping into the unknown, something that we humans could learn from. 

Ant dịch kiến 

Vd: Ants are amazing: They live in huge complex societies and have the ability to solve complex problems.

Cicada dịch ve sầu

Vd: Cicadas have prominent eyes set wide apart, short antennae, and membranous front wings. 

Cricket dịch dế 

Vd: In nature, crickets are prey for many animals, from birds to bears, and they are a key part of the food chain. 

6. Các loài động vật lưỡng cư

Alligator dịch Cá sấu Mỹ

Vd: The American alligator is a rare success story of an endangered animal not only saved from extinction but now thriving. 

Toad dịch cóc

Vd: The toad’s skin is pointy, rough, and colored a mottled brown, tan, or olive. 

Frog dịch ếch

Vd: Frogs are well known for their coiled, sticky tongue which they project out of their mouths to catch insects. 

Dinosaurs dịch khủng long

Vd: England was the birthplace of the modern conception of dinosaurs, thanks to the early discovery of Megalosaurus and other influential genera. 

Cobra dịch rắn hổ mang

Vd: What predator would even try to attack a cobra? 

Chameleon dịch tắc kè hoa

Vd: In the reptile world, there are some bizarre shapes and colors, but some of the most striking variations are found in the chameleons. 

Dragon dịch rồng

Vd: A dragon is a large, serpent-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures around the world. 

Turtle dịch rùa

Vd: If tortoises are turtles, why not just call all turtlelike creatures “turtle”? 

Lizard dịch thằn lằn

Vd: In fact, some lizards, called scheltopusik, look like snakes because they have no legs! 

Fang dịch răng nanh

Vd: Omnivorous animals, such as bears, use their fangs when hunting fish or other prey. 

Shell dịch mai rùa

Vd: Although numerous animals, from invertebrates to mammals, have evolved shells, none has an architecture like that of turtles. 

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7. Các loài động vật nuôi

Cattle dịch gia súc

Vd: Cattle are animals that fear novelty but become accepting of a routine. 

Lamb dịch cừu con

Vd: In general, a sheep in its first year is called a lamb, and its meat is also called lamb. 

Sheep dịch cừu

Vd: It is thought that the domestic sheep originated from central Europe and Asia. 

Cow dịch bò

Vd: Cows have almost 360-degree sight and can see all colours except for red. 

Chicken dịch gà

Vd: The chicken is perhaps the most widely domesticated fowl, raised worldwide for its meat and eggs. 

Duck dịch vịt

Vd: Duck feathers have evolved to be highly waterproof. 

Donkey dịch lừa

Vd: The donkey has been used as a working animal for at least 5000 years. 

Piglet dịch lợn con

Vd: The small piglet can then be lifted by placing the other hand under the chest and lifting the animal. 

Horse dịch ngựa

Vd: Horses are four legged animals that have had a long relationship with humans. 

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