Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc hay nhất

Âm nhạc là một chủ đề phổ biến trong IELTS Speaking. Và bạn có rất nhiều điều để nói về chủ đề này. Hãy “tâm sự” với cô giáo Aten về điều đó. Các câu hỏi và bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc của Aten English dưới đây sẽ giúp các bạn làm bài thi ấn tượng hơn.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc hay nhất 

Dưới đây là một số bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc đạt điểm cao mời bạn bạn theo dõi 

1. Do you listening to music?

Yes, of course, I’ve always been a big of music since I was a little girl. I’m really into going to a lot of music festival such Thơm which was held in Saigon at Hoa Lư stadium. Sometimes I also listen to music before sleeping night for one hour and when I am riding my motorbike, which will both help me relax and feel more energetic when I hear the tune.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc hay nhất

2. What kinds music do you like to listen to?

For me, I am interested the traditional instrumental music, like pianos and guitars. It is an impressive combination that can give a both nostalgic and modern feelings. Normally on rainy days, opening acoustics songs sing along to my favorite Vũ hits, have a cuppa and let my hair down, music will do the rest.

3. Do you play any kinds musical instruments?

Due to my total lack rhythm and the fact that I am tone deaf, I would not even consider embarrassing myself with any attempt to play a musical instrument. On a related subject, on the rare occasion that I attempt to sing hymn in church, along with everyone else.

4. How do you feel when you listen to music?

Listening music makes me feel at peace when I need to relax. Certain types of music, like Lofi, also help me concentrate when I’m. I need to listen to upbeat music while exercising as well. It pumps me up and motivates me push through a hard workout. 

5. What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

My music taste varies widely from West East and from the 90s to modern EDM. But if Korean pop is considered as a kind music, then yeah, that’s my favorite of all time. More than half of my playlists Korean songs and I always keep myself updated with the news related to Korean showbiz.

6. How much time you spend listening to music every day?

As I’ve mentioned I prefer working silence. To put it simply, no music is allowed during my working hours. After a long day school, I probably want to pump myself up for like half an hour with music to help me stay energetic so I can get back to work later.

7. Do you like foreign celebrities?

The person that I have had soft spot for is Miley Cyrus. I guess most people at the same age as me grew up with Disney Channel among its successful series, Hannah Montanah starring Miley Cyrus would always be on top of my list. Although now she’s grown up, I’m still a big fan of her amazing voice and highly songs.

8. Would you like to become widely-known celebrity? Why?

Well though I’ve never thought about, I’m pretty sure that rising to stardom would never be one of my life goals. I appreciate all efforts that celebrities, no matter which field they’re working on, are making every single day. However, I find myself not belong to that world, I mean, you never know going on when the curtains close, right? So yeah, I don’t think I want to become a global superstar, to honest.

9.What do old people like listen to?

illustration of music background in doodle style

I think they listen to the music their youth to recapture the same feelings they had once. It was music where they already knew the and the rhythm. It seems like every previous generation valued newer ones for music. They simply don’t understand newer music and the familiarity of the music they know is great motivator to stick with it.

10.How would your grandfather if him some hip hop music to listen to?

Honestly, he would most likely appalled by so many aspects of hip hop music. Hip hop music is extremely different the music of his contemporaries. He lives a straight and narrow life so I think he would think hip hop glorifies inappropriate topics like drugs, sex, and violence.

But I think if he gives it a chance, I might some hip hop that he can enjoy. Especially any artist that focuses more on singing about, goals, or hard work, he’ll have an easier time when it comes to that kind of content.

11.Why do you think people different age groups have different favorite songs?

The first is due to trends time and the second reason is because of nostalgia. Music is not immune to trends, the ’70s had disco, the ’80s had synths and the ’90s had punk and grunge. Depending on when you born, there will be trends that shape your life experiences and music is no exception.

And as people older, they stop consuming music as often as they did when they were younger, so you develop a sense of nostalgia for what used to be what closed their minds to new music and caused generational rift.

12. What kinds of music (small) children in your country like to listen to?

Children in my country love songs that are remixed or turned into children’s parodies. They like songs that are repetitive fast-paced, which makes it easier for them to learn and sing along. A perfect example this is the Baby Shark that has spread around the world. It’s a catchy tune with a simple repeat pattern. It was not as as the songs, but the children were enthralled with it.

13. What do you influences a young person’s taste in music?

I would say that the people to make an impact on young people’s tastes are their family and friends. In the beginning, children often get to listen to whatever music adults like during their time at home, traveling, and time.

Initially, adults controlled selection, so many of their first favorite bands or singers resembled those of their parents or cousins. They offer new exciting alternatives to what parents have provided to expand their musical range.

Câu hỏi mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc

Trên đây bạn đã xem một số bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc thì sau đây hãy cùng trả lời những câu hỏi thường gặp ở chủ đề này với Aten nhé.

Do you like listening to the music a regular basis?

Yes, without a doubt. I like different genres and I listen to various tunes almost every day. I do not like elevator music, though. It makes bored and annoyed

Have you ever been interested singing?

No, not really. I singing classes when I was younger, but, unfortunately, I am tone deaf, so I can’t sing very well

Can you say music is a very important part of your life?

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No, I can’t. Although I music and listen to classical music every now and then, I’m not obsessed with it.

Do you like music?

Can you say music is a very important part of your life?

Yes, of course I music. I couldn’t live without it. It’s what allows us to escape from reality. Furthermore, it connects people. I think no matter what country, religion, or culture we come from, we all enjoy.

What kind music do you like?

Well, this is a bit of tough question because I have a diverse taste in music, but I’ll say my favorites are modern pop, 90’s alternative, and hip-hop of all ages. I can always sing along to pop songs and I enjoy keeping up with modern hits. 90’s alternative takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel so. Lastly, who resist moving and shaking when you hear hip-hop beats?

Do you think music change in the future?

As with all things, I music will continue to change in the future. Firstly, I believe it will rely on technology even more than. I wonder if there will even be like humans playing music then. I could imagine robots songs that are programmed into their brains. It’s tough to say!

Trên đây là câu hỏi và bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Chủ Đề âm nhạc Part 1, các bạn tham khảo thêm để học tập, luyện thi Ielts speaking nhé!


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