Bài mẫu về Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn nhất

Bài viết này Aten English trình bày một số câu hỏi thường gặp, đưa ra gợi ý phát triển ý và một số bài Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn mẫu trong Speaking Part I, II và III. 

Nói về gia đình của bạn là một chủ đề tương đối phổ biến trong các bài thi nói IELTS. Ngay cả khi chủ đề quen thuộc, học sinh vẫn cần đầu tư học từ vựng và phát triển ý để đạt được kết quả mong muốn trong bài thi nói. Sau đây là một ví dụ về Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn mời bạn sẽ theo dõi: 

Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn mẫu trong Speaking Part I

  1. Do you have a small or large family?

Trả lời- My household is very big. I currently only have my mother, one older, and three younger siblings. My father tragically passed away 17 years ago. I am the only girl left in the family as a result.

  1. How long do you spend with your family each day?

Trả lời- I currently reside alone in a different city far from my family, so I am only able to visit them for about two weeks a year.

  1. What activities do you enjoy doing as a family?

Trả lời- My family loves to prepare together and then have special meals with everyone present. We read the headlines and converse about our lives. We also appreciate music. We therefore perform a variety of instruments and sing along when we get together.

  1. How well-adjusted are you to your family?

Trả lời- Sure. We live very near to one another. I’m glad I can tell them anything, really. When I have issues, they are always willing to listen.

5. Is your household a typical one?

Trả lời- My household is a typical one, I can confirm that. a close-knit family that sticks together in good times and poor.

6.  Does your nation have a wide variety of families?

Trả lời- Yes, different family groups have different household sizes. Small families with one or two kids and big families with eight or more kids both exist. Parents occasionally choose to adopt a kid who has no family.

7. Which member of your family are you dearest to?

Trả lời- My mother and I are the dearest. We are the only females in the family, so I believe that is why. We therefore agree on a lot of points, and she always backs me up.

Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn mẫu trong Speaking Part II

Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn số 1

Hello everyone! I am very happy and proud to introduce you to my family. My family consists of 3 members, which includes my parents and me. I don’t have siblings. It would be nice if I had an older one. My father’s name is Phong and he is 45 years old. My dad loves reading and drinking coffee in the morning. My mother’s name is Bich. She is a nurse, and she turns 39 this year. My mom especially loves to cook and she cooks really well. On Sunday, my parents and I usually go out to play games at the theme park. I am happy to be with my parents. I love my family very much.

Dịch nghĩa

Đây là một ví dụ về Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn mời bạn sẽ theo dõi:

Nè mọi người! Tôi rất vui và tự hào giới thiệu với gia đình mình. Có 3 thành viên trong gia đình tôi, đó là bố mẹ tôi và tôi. Tôi không có anh chị em ruột. Tôi sẽ rất vui nếu tôi có một người chị gái. Bố tôi tên là Phong, 45 tuổi. Bố tôi thích đọc sách và uống cà phê vào buổi sáng. Mẹ tôi tên là Bích. Cô ấy là y tá, năm nay 39 tuổi. Mẹ tôi đặc biệt thích nấu ăn và bà nấu ăn rất ngon. Chủ nhật nào chúng tôi cũng ra ngoài chơi với bố mẹ. Chúng tôi ăn cùng nhau và chơi trong công viên giải trí. Tôi rất vui khi được ở bên bố mẹ. Tôi rất yêu gia đình mình.

Topic Talk about your family IELTS ngắn gọn số 2

Like most of everyone else, I have an extended family of mine. My family has 5 members: grandmother, parents, a younger brother and me. My grandmother is 80 years old this year, and her hair is white like a plum blossom. My father’s name is Khuong and he is 54. His job is to fix cars in a garage. He has always been a great man to me. My mother is a beautiful woman in my heart. She is Phuong and she is 45. My mother is a designer, and she makes nice clothes. My brother is 8 this year. His name is Huy, and he is currently studying at a primary school near my home. My brother loves to fly. Every afternoon, he usually flies a kite with our dad and me on the dike. After that, we go home and help my mother with cooking. She would be cooking, and my dad and I would be picking up vegetables while my grandmother would be watching TV in the kitchen. I deeply treasure these moments. I love my family very much!

Dịch nghĩa

Topic Talk about your family IELTS ngắn gọn số 2

Giống như mọi người khác, tôi  có một gia đình lớn. Có 5 thành viên trong gia đình tôi: bà tôi, bố mẹ tôi, tôi và em trai tôi. Bà  tôi năm nay đã ngoài 80, tóc bà bạc trắng như hoa mai. Bố tôi tên Khương, 54 tuổi. Công việc của bố là sửa  ô tô trong gara. Đối với tôi, bố tôi là một  người đàn ông tuyệt vời. Mẹ là người phụ nữ đẹp nhất trong lòng. Mẹ tôi tên Phương, 40 tuổi. Mẹ tôi là một nhà thiết kế tự do, và may quần áo rất đẹp. Em trai tôi năm nay mới 8 tuổi. Anh ấy tên là Huy và hiện đang học tại một trường tiểu học gần nhà. Anh trai tôi  thích thả diều. Vì vậy, tôi  thả diều trên đập với cha và anh trai của tôi mỗi buổi chiều. Sau đó chúng tôi  về nhà và giúp mẹ nấu ăn. Mẹ nấu ăn trong bếp, tôi và bố nhặt và rửa rau. Bà đang xem TV trong nhà bếp. Những lúc như vậy tôi rất hạnh phúc. Tôi rất yêu gia đình mình!

Topic Talk about your family IELTS ngắn gọn số 3

Dưới đây là Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn số 3 mời bạn đọc:

My dear family has four members: mom and dad, sister, and me. My father’s name is Nhat and he works as a construction engineer. Most of the time my dad is at the construction site. Because of that, my father’s skin complexion is dark. When he is home at night, he often plays soccer with his friends at the football field near home. Speaking of my mother, my mother is 40 years old, and she is also very busy. My mother is a nurse, so most of the time she is in the hospital. My sister is Trinh. She is a 22-year-old beautiful girl with a very charming smile. Because my parents’ schedule is quite hectic, my sister takes care of me and cleans the house. After school, I help her sweep the house or pick up vegetables. Although we are busy, we eat together almost every night. After dinner, we watch a comedy and share with each other what has happened during the day. I am very blessed to have such a family.

Dịch nghĩa

Gia đình thân yêu của tôi có tất cả 4 thành viên: bố mẹ, chị gái và tôi. Bố tôi tên Nhật,  là  kỹ sư xây dựng. Hàng ngày, cha dành phần lớn thời gian cho công việc xây dựng. Đó là lý do tại sao nước da của bố tôi ngăm đen. Buổi tối về nhà, anh thường ra sân bóng đá gần nhà chơi với các bạn. Nói về mẹ, mẹ tôi năm nay đã 40, mẹ cũng rất bận rộn. Mẹ tôi là một y tá, vì vậy bà ấy ở trong bệnh viện hầu hết thời gian. Chị gái  tôi tên là Trinh, 22 tuổi. Cô ấy là một cô gái xinh đẹp với nụ cười rất quyến rũ. Vì bố mẹ tôi thường xuyên bận rộn nên chị gái tôi  chăm sóc  và dọn dẹp nhà cửa thay tôi. Khi tôi học xong, tôi thường giúp anh quét nhà hoặc nhặt rau. Dù bận rộn nhưng hầu như tối nào chúng tôi cũng ăn cùng nhau. Sau bữa tối, chúng tôi cùng nhau xem một bộ phim hài và kể cho nhau nghe về một ngày. Tôi rất  hạnh phúc và may mắn khi có một gia đình như vậy.

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Topic Talk about your family IELTS ngắn gọn số 4

I am the only child in my family. That is why I am deeply loved by my parents. My father is Tu and he turns 45 this year. He is a farmer. Every day, he takes care of the crops and animals on my family farm. He is fond of technology and machines. He regularly reads books about machines and makes prototypes. On my birthday, my father built me ​​a remote control plane by himself. My mother’s name is Lan, and she turns 41 this year and she is also a farmer. My parents work together. My mother is a very simple person, and she likes quietness. Because of that, when she has freetime, she often listens to gentle music and reads books about life. Every night, at 8 o’clock we watch movies on TV and discuss the content very happily. Even though she is an adult, she still tells me stories before going to bed. I’m very blessed to be their child. I love my family very much!

Topic Talk about your family rules IELTS ngắn gọn số 4

Dịch nghĩa

Tôi là con một trong gia đình. Đó là lý do tại sao bố mẹ tôi yêu tôi rất nhiều. Bố tôi tên Tú, năm nay ông 45 tuổi. Cha tôi là một người nông dân. Cha tôi chăm sóc  cây trồng và vật nuôi trong trang trại của gia đình tôi hàng ngày. Bố tôi  yêu công nghệ và máy móc. Anh ấy thường  đọc sách về máy móc và nguyên mẫu. Vào sinh nhật năm ngoái của tôi, bố tôi đã tự tay làm cho tôi một chiếc máy bay điều khiển từ xa. Mẹ tôi tên là Lan,  41 tuổi và cũng là  nông dân. Bố và mẹ cùng làm việc. Mẹ tôi là một người rất đơn giản, bà thích sự im lặng. Đó là lý do tại sao mẹ tôi thường nghe  nhạc êm dịu và đọc  sách  về cuộc sống những lúc rảnh rỗi. Mỗi tối, mùng 8, chúng tôi  ngồi cạnh nhau và xem một bộ phim  trên TV. Trong khi xem phim, tôi và bố mẹ  vui vẻ trò chuyện. Dù tôi đã lớn  nhưng mẹ tôi vẫn kể  cho tôi nghe những câu chuyện trước khi đi ngủ vào ban đêm. Tôi rất  hạnh phúc và may mắn được là một phần của gia đình tôi. Tôi rất yêu gia đình mình!

Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn mẫu trong Speaking Part III

1. How have families altered recently in your country?

Trả lời- In recent years, husbands and wives’ responsibilities have evolved. The willingness of both partners to take on new responsibilities, such as taking advantage of various job possibilities or becoming more involved in the home, has increased. The tendency to have fewer offspring is another change, in my opinion. Due to the high expense of living and favorable career prospects, parents today consider having smaller families.

2. Is family a priority in your nation?

Trả lời- Well, people in my country prioritize their family above all else because they think that family comes first. They would sacrifice anything for the family, and I am happy to say that my nation has strong family ties.

3. Should the responsibilities of husbands and wives in the family differ? Why (not)?

Trả lời- In the past, husbands and wives had distinct societal responsibilities. Wives were expected to take care of the home, while husbands were expected to labor and provide for the family’s financial needs. Over time, things changed, and wives and husbands began to participate in each of these duties. This shift, in my opinion, is a good one. Each position does not need to be clearly defined. Whatever part family members play, I believe they should always work together and prioritize what is best for the family as a whole.

4. How has the average family size evolved in your nation over the last few decades?

Trả lời- Based on my personal experience, I can state that my grandfather had a large family and that at that time, families often lived together. According to what I’ve heard, their ancestors shared a family unit and occasionally had more than twenty people. However, in cities where the majority of families are nuclear in character, the trend of living in an extended family has changed significantly. Although there are still many large families living together in the villages in my nation, the number is decreasing daily.

5. Your family or your friends—who do you value more?

Trả lời- Both are pretty significant, but my family holds a special place in my life and is one of my greatest passions.

No matter what occurs in my life or the choices I make, I know that my family will always be there for me. Friends may come and go. However, my pals are the closest individuals with whom I can share and talk about issues that occasionally are inappropriate to bring up in the family.
6. What potential changes do you anticipate the family will undergo?
Trả lời- In the future, I think more individuals will have nuclear families and smaller families overall. Nowadays, people prefer to have two children at most, and who knows, maybe one day they will think about adopting a one-baby policy. The idea of same-sex marriage is challenging the very norm that a man marries a woman and they have their own children to create a family, and this trend will increase in the future.
7. What part do elders play in your culture’s families?
Trả lời- Grandparents play a significant part in a family and are like the pillars of virtue. By preserving the enduring traditions and ideals and imparting the value of staying true to one’s roots, they keep the family in harmony. With more families having two working parents, elders frequently watch the kids. They frequently give the rest of the family advice on family issues from time to time because they have more experience and their counsel frequently prevents us from making mistakes. In this regard, they behave as dependable teachers.
8. Do you believe that the government or the family should be in charge of providing care for the elderly?
Trả lời- I firmly think that the family bears the primary responsibility for caring for and supporting their elderly members as they did when they were younger. These elderly people have given much of themselves over the course of their lifetimes to create families and then to ensure their happiness. The younger members should take all reasonable steps to support and attend to their senior members’ needs.
Having said that, the government is also accountable for certain duties. These senior citizens were once taxpayers, so the government owes them amenities like healthcare and recreation.
9. Why aren’t there as many joint households now as there once were?
Trả lời- I think the nuclear family has replaced the traditional combined family as the norm in today’s city-centric, hectic lifestyle. In addition to the urban impact and rising inflation, our love of a materialistic lifestyle and lack of interest in traditions and values have led to the creation of our own nuclear family.

Nếu bạn không chắc về vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh của mình, hãy theo dõi chúng tôi để biết thêm từ vựng. Trên đây là các mẫu Topic talk about your family ngắn gọn. Hy vọng bài viết này sẽ giúp bạn luyện thi Ielts speaking hiệu quả hơn trong việc giới thiệu gia đình trước mặt mọi người.


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