Các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2 hay gặp nhất

Nhiều người cho rằng viết là phần dễ nhất trong IELTS, nhưng không phải ai cũng đạt điểm cao trong phần thi này. Để làm tốt bài thi, bạn phải có vốn từ nối trong Essay trong IELTS Writing Task 2 đủ sâu và rộng để viết tốt bất kỳ chủ đề nào. Trong bài viết này, Aten English xin giới thiệu đến các bạn các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2 nhằm cung cấp vốn từ vựng để ôn tập hiệu quả và đạt điểm cao nhé! 

Các từ nối trong IELTS Writing – Các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2

Có những từ/cụm từ thông dụng trong IELTS Writing Task 2 không? Làm thế nào để áp dụng các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2 này một cách hiệu quả để đạt điểm cao? Hãy cùng Aten tham khảo những cụm từ dưới đây để sử dụng trong IELTS Task 2 nhé!

Some individuals are of the opinion that – Nhiều người có ý kiến cho rằng…

Some individuals are of the opinion that the government should impose heavy tax on personal. 

It goes without saying that – Sự thật hiển nhiên là…

It goes without saying that global warming has been the major problem that needs urgent to be addressed. 

It is undeniable that – Sự thật không thể chối cãi là…

Các từ nối trong IELTS Writing – Các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2

It is undeniable that the relocation of industrial zones to areas would reduce pollution in central cities. 

Many people claim that – Nhiều người tuyên bố rằng…

Many people claim that living in major cities is detrimental to both their mental and physical. 

A is one of the most important issues – A là một trong những vấn đề quan trọng…

Overweigh is one of the most important issues that are worth. 

Nowadays/ Recently/ These days – Ngày nay/Gần đây/Thời gian gần đây

Nowadays, young people have a tendency to workaholic. 

It is often said that – Người ta thường nói rằng…

It is often said that traveling plays a crucial role in enhancing cultural. 

Is a heated debate – là một vấn đề đang được bàn luận sôi nổi

Whether history should the compulsory subject in school is a heated debate. 

Though/Although/Even though – Mặc dù…

To recapitulate, although some people may withstand suffering when not living in close proximity to families and friends for the sake of searching for a source of livelihood, this practice provides individuals with wage stability, and ample opportunities to be advanced. 

However/Nevertheless – Tuy nhiên,…

However, schools should benefit children as individuals because these institutes are crucial in helping children to develop and unleash their potential. 

Despite/In spite of + Noun – Mặc dù vậy,…

Despite the aforementioned, I think that patriotism can be favorable in terms of promoting solidarity and enhancing national independence.

Despite the fact that – Mặc cho thực tế là…

Despite the fact that certain individuals suppose that the government allocation of financial resources should be distributed to impoverished countries, I think it is of paramount importance to focus on curbing their domestic.

From my perspective/point of view – Quan điểm của tôi là…

From my perspective, I am in consummate agreement with the proposal of national priority on internal problems

Personally- Cá nhân tôi cho rằng…

Các từ nối trong IELTS Writing – Các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2

Personally, exerting discipline on parents for their children’s wrongdoings is not justified as every individual is responsible for their own and kids are also influenced by other factors. 

I think/suppose/agree that – Tôi nghĩ là…

I think that the demerits of this tendency are eclipsed by its. 

As far as I’m concerned – Theo như tôi được biết thì…

As far as I am concerned, it is not vital to the success of an individual; this is because whether math is important is dependent on the business and the position of the employee or employer holds.

In conclusion – To sum up – To recapitulate – In brief – Tóm lại,…./ Kết luận,….

In conclusion, although parents play a crucial role in setting examples for their children, I am of the opinion that it is unjustified to them of their children’s dirty deeds because of individual liability for their actions and other exterior influential parties.

Taking everything into consideration – Cân nhắc mọi vấn đề,…

Taking everything into consideration, I argue that while mathematics is certainly an important component of any business and a useful skill set for any employee, one does not necessarily need to be proficient in order to nonetheless succeed. 

All in all – Tóm lại,…/ Kết luận,…

All in all, although I acknowledge that the role of offering pragmatic knowledge of real-life experiences is undeniable, from my perspective, the inexpensive cost and diversified content of books and movies make them a more possible to widen one’s horizon. 

Một mẹo quan trọng là giám khảo IELTS sẽ đánh giá cao nếu bạn sử dụng các từ và cách diễn đạt một cách trôi chảy. Tất nhiên, nên tránh nhầm lẫn về chính tả hoặc cách dùng từ. Tuy nhiên, nếu bạn nghĩ từ hoặc cụm từ đó có khả năng phù hợp với bài luận Task 2 mà bạn đang viết, hãy sử dụng nó. Bởi vì ngay cả khi bạn viết sai, giám khảo vẫn có thể cho bạn thêm điểm.

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Bài Writing IELTS Task 2 mẫu nên tham khảo 

Sau khi tham khảo các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2 hãy cùng Aten đọc bài mẫu dưới đây nhé.

Sample 1

The question of whether constructing subway is the key to alleviating traffic issues in urban areas is a debatable matter. Although I acknowledge the benefits of these systems, I still have to disagree with suggestion as, to me, a daily charge on cars is a more pragmatic approach. 

Bài Writing IELTS Task 2 mẫu nên tham khảo

Those who advocate the use of subways may point to the fact that these systems can provide high. These trains have various carriages, each being able to accommodate dozens of passengers, which can transport vast numbers of people at the same. This could help relieve the pressure on road transport, potentially easing. Nevertheless, it is the issue of costs that makes believe that this is not the best. The expenditure on the construction and maintenance of the tunnels and the trains can be massive that not all cities could afford such a transit. 

A cheaper and simpler measure, in my opinion, is congestion, by which the authorities can charge drivers for entering certain parts of the city during peak. The idea is that if the tolls are high enough, owners could be deterred from driving and therefore, the quantity of private vehicles hitting. Coupled with this would be the money raised, which could in turn be invested in improving public. Such a charging scheme has been successfully launched in various cities, namely Milan and London, where considerable in traffic jams have been recorded.  

To summarize, despite acknowledging the advantages brought, I take the view that they are not the best remedy for urban traffic issues and that imposing a charge on car use is a better. 

Sample 2 

Topic: Some people say patriotism causes problems and is overall. Others feel that it is beneficial for large. Do the advantages of outweigh its disadvantages?

Certain individuals are of the opinion that may occur once people become patriotic, especially in extreme cases, which is regarded as an adverse. However, another school of thought opines that it is worthy and advantageous to show national. I think that the demerits of tendency are eclipsed by its benefits. 

To begin with, patriotism at its most extreme could be regarded as problematic due to its detrimental on economic and social. With regard to the former, the loyalty that one may express towards their country is attached to a feeling of superiority over. This causes an obstruction in international trade as people regard others from different nations as inferiors, there is no attempt to be made in commercing and exchanging goods worldwide. Turning to the second idea, it is true that in the modern-day, while every nation enjoys equal standing on a global scale, any country putting itself on a pedestal is detrimental to mutual connectivity and often leads to conflict as well as exclusion of other minorities. Such practice, in extreme, maybe the primary cause of terrorism around the globe. 

However, the aforementioned drawbacks, I think that patriotism can be favorable in terms of promoting solidarity and enhancing national. Firstly, patriotism plays a crucial in uniting people living in the same country. The majority of citizens, would value communal senses, and eventually, national unity could be obtained. In this case, patriotism can be supposed as a means of protection which safeguards the country from outside. Furthermore, without national unity, one country may have to accept unfavorable trading that can be dictated by another country. Thus, it is of paramount importance for a nation to stay independent to avoid adverse. For instance, authorities should be aware of the number of goods produced within the country to minimize imported products and consequently be under no control.  

In conclusion, although I acknowledge that patriotism, on levels, may be detrimental to a global economy and society, I think that its benefits enhancing unity and national independence are more considerable.

Đọc các bài mẫu thường xuyên là một trong những cách hiệu quả nhất để học các cụm từ dùng trong Writing IELTS Task 2. Các bạn có thể truy cập website Aten English để xem các bài mẫu tại luyện thi IELTS Writing được cập nhật mới nhất để học thêm những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 1 hay !


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