Describe a popular place for sports IELTS Speaking Part 2 và 3

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1. Topic describe a popular place for sports IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a popular place for sports (e.g. a stadium) that you have been to.

You should say:
Where it is
When you went there
What you did there
And explain how you felt about this place.

Hướng dẫn trả lời:

The swimming pool near my home is at No. 7 Ton That Thuyet Street, and I’d love to mention it. It is actually a multi-story facility for community sports, with a gym on the top floor and a pool on the bottom. It is evidently quite popular because locals of all ages pack the area every time I arrive. So, I decided to take swimming lessons last year.
When I saw that the facility had swimming classes, I immediately signed up. There were just five students in the session, all adults including myself, and it was held in the roomy pool. There are buoy-separated areas for kids, swimming lessons, and competent swimmers to keep the pool from getting crowded and messy.
The pool was beautiful, and my instructor was friendly and knowledgeable, in my opinion. He first helped us choose some equipment that was beginner-friendly, such ear plugs, nose clips, or a floating board. We were then shown how to breathe while swimming by him. We were taught the breathstroke since it was believed to be the most basic swimming technique. That was really harder for me to do because I couldn’t keep up the right motion and constantly choked on water. It was like trying to nail jelly to a tree. The instructor, on the other hand, was really patient with me and guided my practice in small steps.
After attending multiple sessions, I soon grew accustomed to the water and developed my independence in the water. I’ll now go to that pool on occasion to practice my swimming.
Topic describe a popular place for sports IELTS Speaking Part 2

Hướng dẫn trả lời:

I want to discuss the key national and international events that are held in the My Dinh National Stadium. This multi-purpose stadium is situated in the Tu Liem district of the capital city of Hanoi’s My Dinh suburb. There are 50,000 seats in this stadium. In 2003, it was also formally inaugurated.
My house is not far from this stadium; it’s only approximately 300 meters to the north. Whenever there are events that interest me, I frequently visit there. Most people go there or attend athletic events to cheer on and support Vietnamese teams as well as take part in fun activities.
Due to its indispensable features, My Dinh Stadium is incredibly significant to Hanoi as well as the entire nation. It is one of the largest and best-equipped stadiums in Vietnam, and it has served as a venue for several significant events, including the 2003 Southeast Asia Games and the 2008 AFC Champions League.
Additionally, this stadium is important since it may be via the events held there that many tourists learn about or are introduced to Vietnam. Therefore, it is crucial to build a positive picture of it in order to win over foreigners.
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2. Topic describe a popular place for sports IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. Do young people enjoy doing sports?

Answer: Yes, without a doubt, as athletics can have many beneficial benefits on them. For instance, playing physically demanding sports like soccer and cricket would help individuals maintain their physical fitness and health by reducing their risk of contracting serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Additionally, these activities help alleviate mental illnesses including chronic anxiety and depression. Last but not least, challenging video games like “chess” engage the brain regions necessary for memory growth.

2. What advantages do sports have for young people?

Answer: The benefits of athletics for young children’s health are numerous, to say the least. When playing outside, kids have more room to roam about and can be more active, which helps them build strong bones and burn calories. Additionally, children naturally absorb the vitamin D they require when exposed to sunlight, even in the winter. Sport activities also help kids to be more courageous because they force them to step outside of their comfort zones. Kids learn to push themselves to the limit and develop better risk-taking abilities as a result. It also encourages kids to try out new activities and build their self-confidence in taking on new challenges without adult supervision.

Topic describe a popular place for sports IELTS Speaking Part 3

3. Is it necessary to construct public sporting facilities?

Answer: Sports are integral to enhancing citizens’ health, so there would be no room for debate. However, the majority of sporting goods would be too expensive for city people or even rural residents to own at home. Aside from the fact that some people would find it boring to practice sports alone, some games unquestionably call for a second player. Therefore, by building public sports facilities, people would have more opportunities to socialize while also improving their health.

4. What do you think about businesses providing sporting facilities for underprivileged kids?

Answer: First and foremost, businesses start their marketing activities to build their reputation. The more they gave, the greater chance there was that the public would recognize them. Additionally, businesses who produce or sell sporting goods can advertise their goods more effectively. Contrarily, disadvantaged kids have better access to resources for enhancing their health. Sporting goods like gym memberships may even be costly for both the working classes and the underclass. Therefore, businesses providing sports facilities for underprivileged kids may be advantageous to both them and the kids.

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