Describe a special day out which didn’t cost very much IELTS Speaking Part 2 và 3

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1. Bài mẫu Describe a special day out which didn’t cost very much IELTS Speaking Part 2

Đề bài: Describe a special day out that didn’t cost much.

You should say:

  • When the day was
  •  Where you went
  • How much you spent
  • And explain how you feel about the day

Bài mẫu 1:

Despite coming from a poor household, I have no problem spending extra money on special occasions. I can remember a time when I went out to dinner on my birthday with four of my closest friends, but I didn’t spend as much money as I had anticipated.

We decided to eat at a recently opened restaurant that is only a short distance from my place. We could take advantage of special deals and discounts because it was their first day of business, which was perfect because most of us were now short on cash. We went in and immediately began placing our lunch orders. I asked my pals to order as much as they could because I would be paying the bill on my birthday, in an effort to be less frugal.

Seven different items, including beef, pig, shellfish, and beer, were all part of our order. We ate to our hearts’ delight since the cuisine was very delicious—far more so than munch other restaurants I’ve gone to. I asked for the bill after enjoying the lunch, and the amount truly caught me off guard. I paid the bill without even asking the waitress why it was so cheap because it was just $50, which was too cheap for a 7-course lunch.
The event was very significant to me since I finally got to see my friends, who live and work far away from me, after a very long period. We had a blast of a time without having to shell out too much cash on the supper.
Hinh-anh-describe-a-special-day-out-which -didn't-cost-very-much-IELTS-Speaking-Part-2-va-3-1
Bài mẫu Describe a special day out which didn’t cost very much IELTS Speaking Part 2
Bài mẫu 2:
My ability to have fun means that my leisure activities aren’t necessary expensive; in fact, some of them are practically free.
Consider my pastime of perusing or strolling through galleries and museums. I like visiting those kinds of locations, and my most recent excursion was to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, which I went to on Labor Day, one of the important national holidays. Prices would often increase on days like that because there are typically huge throngs of people swarming the streets and recreational areas. The museum’s entrance fee, which was 40,000 VND, did not change, nevertheless. You may visit one of the biggest museums in the city for that money.
It comprises an indoor and an outdoor main portion. The internal exhibition includes various objects, such as clothing, utensils, tools, or musical instruments of all Vietnamese ethnic groups, as well as decorative, intricate information boards. Personally, I believe that the museum’s outdoor portion is its best feature and what makes the trip worthwhile. It displays full-scale reconstructions of numerous traditional residences from various ethnic minorities. A wide range of recreational activities are also on display, including calligraphy and conventional water puppet shows. Although there will be additional costs for such activities or the tour guide, spending just a small amount of money for a full day learning about Vietnam’s incredible architectural and historical features is unquestionably a fantastic steal.

2. Bài mẫu Describe a special day out which didn’t cost very much IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. Why do teenagers go out more than seniors?

Bài mẫu: For the simple fact that they are physically capable of being active, youngsters are unquestionably more likely to hang out than senior residents. Young individuals are active and enjoy seeing the city, while feeble older people are sometimes confined to their beds or wheelchairs, which significantly limits their mobility even though they may genuinely want to go out.

2. What do you believe will matter on a day out?

Bài mẫu: All of these elements are important, but in some combinations, they might not be. For instance, while arranging a day outside the house, the weather is a crucial factor. However, if your friends determine that playing football in the rain will be a lot of fun, then this can become less of an issue.

3. What differences exist between going out with friends and going out on your own?
Bài mẫu: Going out alone or with pals is undoubtedly extremely different. The only person you need to keep entertained and interested when out on your own is yourself. It’s crucial to consider other people’s interests when you go out with them, even if they’re your pals. Additionally, if something does not go as planned, you have people nearby who you can turn to for support.
Hinh-anh-describe-a-special-day-out-which -didn't-cost-very-much-IELTS-Speaking-Part-2-va-3-2
Bài mẫu Describe a special day out which didn’t cost very much IELTS Speaking Part 3
4. How frequently do you like spending time with friends?
Bài mẫu: Spending time with close friends provides me with the required balance in my life by allowing me to decompress from stressful job situations and preserve cherished memories. So, despite my hectic work schedule, I typically hang out with my friends once or twice a week.
5. Do teens spend more money than they did in the past?
Bài mẫu: Yes, teenagers spend a lot more money than they did in the past due to an increase in the typical family income. Additionally, because there are nuclear families today, parents like to grant their children’s wishes and give them more pocket money to spend in order to make them happy.
6. Do you believe that technology has an impact on people’s choices for outdoor activities?
Bài mẫu: Technology does influence decisions to engage in outdoor activities, but in both positive and negative ways. For instance, because I can always check my location on my phone, I can go out and feel secure that I won’t get lost. With a short internet search, I can also locate fun activities to do while out and about. However, there could also be drawbacks, such as a decreased desire for people to leave their homes altogether if they want to spend the day on their phone or computer.
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