Nếu bạn yêu thích sự thú vị của việc mua sắm hoặc đơn giản chỉ muốn sắm đồ cho kỳ nghỉ sắp tới, bạn cần tặng quà cho người thân và đang phải đối mặt với tình huống ở nước ngoài hoặc muốn tìm hiểu về mua sắm trên các trang web quốc tế, thì những từ vựng tiếng Anh về chủ đề mua sắm – shopping sẽ hữu ích không chỉ trong giao tiếp và công việc mà còn hỗ trợ bạn trong các kỳ thi tiếng Anh.

Các loại cửa hàng – Tiếng Anh chủ đề mua sắm shopping


department store cửa hàng bách hóa
supermarket siêu thị
grocer (UK) / grocery store (US) cửa hàng tạp hóa (Anh) / cửa hàng tạp hóa (Mỹ)
greengrocer người bán rau quả
butcher người bán thịt
baker thợ làm bánh
fishmonger người câu cá
chemist (UK) / drugstore (US) nhà hóa học (Anh) / hiệu thuốc (Mỹ)
pharmacy (US) hiệu thuốc (Hoa Kỳ)
newsagent người bán báo
stationery văn phòng phẩm
optician bác sĩ nhãn khoa
DIY store cửa hàng DIY
hardware shop / hardware store / ironmonger cửa hàng đồ kim khí / cửa hàng đồ kim khí / đồ sắt
corner shop (UK) cửa hàng ở góc (Anh)
delicatessen (deli) đồ ăn ngon (đồ nguội)
bookshop / bookstore hiệu sách / hiệu sách
market thị trường
petshop tiệm thú cưng
flea market chợ trời
tea shop (UK) quán trà (Anh)
petrol station (UK) / gas station (US) trạm xăng (anh Anh) / trạm xăng ( anh Mỹ)

Những từ vựng tiếng Anh về chủ đề mua sắm phổ biến


Vocabulary Vietnamese means Explanation Example
(Some) Change Đổi tiền Money exchange. Have you got change to pay the swimming pool?
A banknote/a note/a bill Hóa đơn giấy Paper money. How many banknotes have you got?
A bargain sự mặc cả A good deal. That’s a real bargain.
A bid đồ đấu giá An offer in an auction. What bids did you make?
A bill Hóa đơn chứng thực An invoice. I need the bill to be refunded.
A billboard bảng/biển quảng cáo A large panel for advertising. The billboards are huge.
A brand Thương hiệu A trademark. Children love brands nowadays.
A carrier bag Túi mua đồ bằng nhựa A bag (usually plastic) supplied by shops. Carrier bags are always provided.
A cashier Thu ngân A person who operates cash register. The cashier is so nice.
A catchphrase/a motto slogan A repeated phrase, slogan. Do you know the brand’s catchphrase?
A chain chuỗi A company with branches. I usually shop in chains.
A changing room/cloakroom//fitting room phòng thử đồ A booth for trying on clothes. Where are the fitting rooms?
A charge/to charge Hỏi tiền A fee/To ask for money. How much do you charge for this?
A check/cheque Xếp hàng An order for bank to pay. I usually pay the doctor by check.
A client/customer Khách hàng Someone who buys products. Clients should always be satisfied with what you sell.
A coin Đồng xu Metal money. How many coins have you got?
A consumer Người mua hàng Someone who consumes, who buys. How many customers will you target?
A corner shop Shop nhỏ A small, local shop that sells a little of everything – it needn’t be on a corner. He loves shopping in the corner shop.
A cost/to cost Giá tiền A price. The cost of the product is too high.
A counter Quầy thanh toán A flat, elevated surface. Meet me at the counter.
A coupon Thẻ/mã giảm giá A discount voucher. We love using coupons when we shop.
A deal Một giao dịch A transaction. They got such a good deal yesterday.
A delivery/to deliver chuyển phát hàng An act of delivering. The delivery was done on time.
A department Ban, trụ sở A division of organization. Which department do you work for?
A department store của hàng phức hợp A large store that sells a range of items in different departments such as food and clothing. Department stores are heaven.
A design Thiết kế A pattern, a styling. He loves the new design of the product.
A discount store/pound shop cửa hàng đồ khuyến mãi A shop where all the goods are sold at a discount. My parents love going to discount stores.
A discount/to discount = “  ” % off Giảm giá (Verb) A reduced price/to deduct from price. They got a very good discount today.
A flea market Chợ đen A market where antiques and second hand goods are sold. It is so different to shop at the flea market.
A franchise Nhượng quyền A business with a commercial licence. Franchises are fun to shop in.
A fur trader Người buôn bán lông thú Person who deals in animal-fur products. The fur trader did an excellent job with my coat.
A gift/present Món quà Something you give to make the other person happy. I love the gift he offered me.
A guarantee Sự bảo đảm A promise. How long does the guarantee last?
A leaflet Tờ rơi A brochure. Have you seen the company’s leaflet?
A loyalty card Thẻ thành viên a card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend. She has all the loyalty cards of her favorite shops.
A mall (US)/shopping centre (GB) Khu trung tâm mua sắm Place where many shops are gathered. I love shopping in malls.
A market study Phân tích thị trường a study that analyzes market demand for a particular product or service. Market studies are capital in advertising.
A must-have product Sản phẩm thiết yếu, cần phải có A product that is very popular that a lot of people want to have. This bag is a must-have product.
A poll Khảo sát A survey. According to the poll, more and more clients shop there.
A purchase/To purchase Mua sắm = buy Something you buy/To buy. What is this purchase I can see on your account?
A receipt Hóa đơn A proof of payment. Did you get the receipt?
A retail park Chợ bán lẻ An area normally on the outskirts of a town/city with several large retail outlets. We love going to retail parks at the weekend.
A retailer Người bán lẻ Someone who sells goods to ultimate consumers, usually in small quantities. The retailer does good prices.
A rip-off Một giao dịch xấu A cheat, a con. He was disappointed as this was a real rip-off!
A sample Mẫu A representative piece, specimen. CanI get a sample to try it before buying it?
A shelf Kệ A flat storage space. The shelf is full of books.
A shop assistant Nhân viên hỗ trợ khách hàng The person who serves customers. The shop assistant was extremely helpful.
A shopping basket Túi/giỏ mua hàng A container for your purchases. She nicely gave me a shopping basket.
A shopping channel Kênh mua sắm A television channel that is dedicated to promoting sales. They love watching the shopping channel.
A storage room Phòng kho Place where to stock things. Where is the storage room?
A supply/to supply cung ứng A stock/To provide. There is no more supply.
A target/to target Mục tiêu An objective/to aim. Who is your main target?
A turnover Doanh số, doanh thu Revenues of business. What was your turnover last year?
A wedge Cái nêm A V-shaped block. The wedge under the door is efficient.
A wholesaler Người bán buôn Someone who sells goods in quantity, as to retailers or jobbers, for resale. The wholesaler sales in bulk.
Affordable có thể chi trả/ giá cả phải chăng You have enough money to buy it This item is affordable so I’ll buy it.
An amount Một lượng A quantity, a total, a sum. What is the amount of products you bought?
An appliance Thiết bị A device, piece of equipment. The electronic appliance I have broke down.
An auction Phiên đấu giá A sale with bids. Auctions are quite exhiliarating.
An item Một món đồ A shopping unit. How many items are you going to buy?
An offer/to offer đề nghị giá A proposal/to propose to give. What offers can you make?
Big brand names Thương hiệu lớn Large well-known companies or product names. They are fans of big brand names.
Flooding the market Chợ nổi An excess amount of inventory for sale causes an undesired drop in price for the product, in extreme cases making the products impossible to sell at any price. Spinners are flooding the market.
High street names Thương hiệu nổi tiếng Well-known shops. She fancies shopping in high street names.
Mink fur Lông thú Hair of a small furry mammal. Mink fur is my favorite.
Opening hours Giờ mở cửa When the shop is open. What are your opening hours?
Pricey đắt đỏ Expensive This is too pricey for my budget.
Second-hand Hàng dùng lại Previously owned. Second-hand shops are affordable.
To be a shopaholic Người thích/nghiện mua sắm To be addicted to shopping. She is such a shopaholic.
To be on a tight budget tài chính có hạn To have a limited amount of money to spend. We are on a tight budget this month.
To browse Tìm đồ To look for goods in shop before you buy. Let’s browse before buying anything.
To catch the eye thu hút sự chú ý To get someone’s attention, especially by looking at them. It directly caught my eye.
To cost an arm and a leg Rất đắt đỏ Very expensive. I won’t buy it as it costs an arm and a leg.
To deceive Thất vọng ( verb) To disappoint. We were so deceived by the quality of the product.
To do the grocery shopping mua thực phẩm tại cửa hàng tiện lợi Technically to buy fruit and vegetables, but normally used to mean to buy food and drinks for the household. We do the grocery shopping every week.
To get into debt Nợ To owe money. He got into debt last month.
To give someone the hard sell bắt ai đó phải mua cái gì To put pressure on someone to buy something. They gave him the hard sell but it didn’t work.
To go on a shopping spree mua lại đồ bị mất To go shopping and buys lots of items that you may not be able to afford. How about going on a shopping spree?
To indulge in some retail therapy mua sắm với mục đích làm dễ chịu hơn To go shopping to make yourself feel better. She decided to indulge in some retail therapy.
To nip to đi đến đâu đó thật nhanh To go somewhere quickly. We’ve nipped to stores.
To pick up a bargain Mặc cả To buy something much cheaper than the normal price. I’m so proud as I picked up a bargain yesterday.
To refund Hoàn tiền To reimburse. She was refunded last month.
To return Trả hàng To give back. Can I return the item I bought yesterday?
To run up a credit card bill Thanh toán qua thẻ ghi nợ To owe money on a credit card. He runs up a credit card bill.
To shop around Tìm kiếm nhiều hàng khác nhau để có được giá tốt nhất To try different shops to find the best deal. Let’s shop around and make up our mind then
Garage Sales Bán hàng thừa when people sell their old clothes, furniture and other items in front of their houses—in their yards or garages.

Các hình thức khuyến mãi – Tiếng Anh chủ đề mua sắm


Flash sale Sale mạnh
Garage sale = Yield Sale Bán đồ cũ tại nhà
Giveaways trao tặng
Loyalty points Thẻ trung thành
Coupon Thẻ/ mã giảm giá
Black Friday Ngày thứ 6 đên tối ( ngày gần như mọi mặt hàng được sale )
Free shipping Miễn phí vận chuyển
Discount Giảm giá
Free trial Dùng thử miễn phí
Premium offer Giá chào đặc biệt
Rebates Chiết khấu
Buy one Get One Mua một tặng một


Những cụm từ vựng tiếng Anh phổ biến trong chủ đề mua sắm – shopping

Cụm từ vựng Nghĩa
Bring down Giảm giá
Pay for chi cho
Put on Mặc thử
Queue up/line up Xếp hàng
Ring up Thanh toán bằng barcode
Sell out/ Sold out Đã bán hết hàng
Shop around Tìm nơi có giá tốt nhất
Take off Lấy đi
Try on Thử xem có vừa không
Try out Thử xem có thích không
Pop into Vào để xem thoáng qua
Stand out Đưuọc sự để ý/ nổi bật
Pick out Chọn
Look out for Để ý hàng hóa- thường dùng để chỉ những người hay săn sale
Go with smt Hợp với thứ gì đó
Splash out (UK) Tiêu tiền thoải mái, vung tiền vào món đồ nào đó lớn, có giá trị


Bài viết cung cấp đầy đủ từ vựng hữu ích cho những ai quan tâm và tìm hiểu về tiếng Anh trong lĩnh vực mua sắm – shopping. Aten hy vọng rằng qua bài viết này, bạn sẽ thu được nhiều thông tin hữu ích để áp dụng vào cuộc sống và học tập. Xin cảm ơn!


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